Carreta De Oro Tequila

Carreta De Oro has confidently stepped into the world of top shelf tequilas. A handcrafted quality, CDO Tequila is the culmination of a traditional process refined, harvesting only the healthiest blue Weber agave plants grown in the richest red volcanic soil.

CDO Anejo:

Aged in white oak barrels for over two years, CDO Anejo has taken the time to develop into an ultra-premium sipping tequila. Its full-bodied character reveals a warm vanilla tone and a kiss of citrus, and its smokey attributes have made this Anejo a favorite among those who appreciate a well-rounded and smooth tequila.100% Blue Agave, 40% Alc.Vol.

CDO Reposado:

With a heart of gold, CDO Reposado has matured in white oak barrels for up to a year, a process that secures its reputation of being aged to perfection¬Ě. The white oak quality supports notes of pear and cinnamon spice, which allows for a smooth and warm finish. This tequila is enjoyed on the rocks and adds an unparalleled taste to any drink.

100% Blue Agave, 40% Alc.Vol.

CDO Blanco:

This unique tequila is crafted crystal clear to unveil its agave forward flavor, while its gentle side invites you to enjoy fresh citric and herbal notes. CDO Blanco’s crisp taste can be enjoyed on its own, and is also perfect for mixing impressive cocktails and margaritas.

100% Blue Agave, 40% Alc.Vol.


Tequila on the Beach.

Never Common, Always Popular.

What makes this tequila special? Carreta De Oro is crafted with pride, with respect for the elements of tradition, one of those being innovation. Arriving at our farm in the highlands of Jalisco you’ll see ripening blue Webber agave plants reach beyond the horizon, a view enjoyed by generations of jimadores. The agave plants grow happy and healthy in a vibrant deep red volcanic soil bursting with nutrients. A high mineral content in this rich soil is but one benefit contributing to the unique taste of Carreta De Oro Tequila. A semi cool wind brushes our Agave plants which grow on a slight slope, this creates a unique climate that produces a plant with a higher sugar content. This allows CDO to offer the smoothest, most rich tasting tequila on any table anywhere. The agave is cautiously cooked by master distillers in adobe brick ovens to properly break down complex carbohydrates before fermentation. To maintain a premium tequila, Carreta De Oro bottles only the highest quality portion of each barrel preserving the finest agave taste. As a CDO standard all tequila goes through an attentive oxygenating process and is twice distilled. Carreta De Oro is proud to invite the world for a taste.

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    please we sold out the tequila you deliver couple weeks ago to my liquor store , old town liquor in old town san diego ,
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